I have been a professional graphic designer since 1982. I have experienced firsthand the birth and evolution of computer technology in my industry. Although I thrive on the precise control of working on the computer, I also love playing with physical materials and actually “making stuff.”

As a designer, I am practical mostly. I like things to look really good, and I can get that job done, but my first priority is telling the story clearly. I like to solve puzzles and present straight-forward, relevant, visually engaging solutions.

As an artist, I am all about capturing the moment, the beautiful story segment that is happening in front of me. Art is a way to wring extra joy out of everyday experiences – to prolong the pleasure of observation and turn it into something tactile.

Whether I’m designing, photographing or making “physical” art, I’m drawn to clean, dynamic compositions that focus on texture, color, and visual detail.

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