stuff and nonsense

Once upon a time I found this sweet little metal bear pepper shaker for cheap at a flea market.

Once upon another time I was given this miniature chair. The bear fit nicely in the chair, I thought!

Very often when I am busy and my house is a mess (which is very, very often of late), I have certain knowledge that I have too many things. Too many objects for which I have taken on responsibility. But then on a morning like today, I walk into my kitchen and see this little bear on his chair and I am tickled. Stuff — and nonsense — makes my heart so very glad sometimes.

Wish you were here

The crispness, the depth and beautifully subtle color of the clouds tonight had me holding my breath and scrambling for a way to capture, to engage, to celebrate and share. Standing in the yard alone. Grab the camera. Catch the faintest echo. I wish you were here!


Almost palpable.
Crisp shadows, glowing white wall.
Soft at the edges.

Yeah, baby!

All I know is that every time I took the cookie sheet out of the oven this evening, that’s what I said. Yeah, baby! It’s hot — and normally that is not the time that I get the notion to bake cookies — but there are some folks that I’m thinking about with whom I’d like to share something sweet. So, I made some cookies. I hope that the people I share these with feel a fraction of my enthusiasm and affection! Yeah, baby!

Between Winfield and Rock

I wish I could bottle that experience — make it stand still so I could breath it in and stay in the middle.

I pulled over to the side of the road three times in about 10 minutes. I wanted to get to higher ground — a better vantage point. This was pretty close, and the panorama gives an impression of the immersive experience … at least it reminds me of what it was like to be there and feel the clouds as solid things move overhead, to smell the moisture and electricity in the air.

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